Blair Cottrell vs. Female Combatants

“Anyone who thinks women ought to endure the hell of war; wield assault rifles and stifle in disease and famine could only be a sheltered pleb. Women can be precious or equal, but not both.”

– Blair Cottrell, 2015

I find it appalling that Mr. Cottrell thinks it is appropriate to spout this kind of total nonsense from behind a computer screen and keyboard, whilst Kurdish women are fighting and dying in a war against IS extremists.

These women put themselves at great personal risk. Can you imagine the horrors these women would be subjected to if taken prisoner by IS?

What Mr. Cottrell has done, with his obnoxious statement, is denigrate the heroic effort made by these brave Kurdish women.

It seems to me, that Mr. Cottrell’s comments reveal his own personal fear of strong females. The fact that a woman is able to take the fight to radical Islam emasculates him. As does the fact that they are doing more to combat Islamic extremists than he can ever hope to do. That is, unless he were to maybe buy a one-way ticket to say Iraq or Syria. There’s an idea Blair: join a Peshmerga unit. Maybe then you could boastĀ of a contribution to humanity that is possibly comparable to the brave young Kurdish women of the YPJ.

Just a thought…