Social Media & Sympathy

I have held off making a blog/statement about the horrific attacks in Paris. It is generally better to take time to evaluate a situation. Jumping to conclusions, as we so often see, leads down the wrong path.

After much contemplation, I feel compelled to break my silence. In particular, the social media trend of melding one’s profile picture with the French tricolour has me twisted. Annoyed. Angered even. Why does the atrocity in Paris warrant the world’s sympathy more so than the countless other horrors and injustices being perpetrated throughout the world at this very moment?

I speak of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land; the mutilation of female genitalia by Christians, Jews and Muslims in central and southern Africa; the bombing of innocent civilians by Russian and American air-strikes in Syria; the two women a week who die as a result of domestic violence here in Australia; the list goes on and on.

We, as a species, cannot afford to be indifferent to any atrocity.