696 years ago, Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, supported by his nobles and the ‘commons of Scotland’, drafted a document intended to be presented to the Pope in Rome. This document is known as the Declaration of Arbroath.

In effect, what the Declaration constituted was an assertion of Scotland’s independence from England.

Since 1306,  the Bruce had been at the forefront of the Scottish resistance movement. In 1314, he won a great victory at Bannockburn, against a much larger English force, effectively securing Scotland’s freedom.

Following his success at Bannockburn, Scotland’s independence was an undeniable physical reality: the next phase of the struggle was the transmutation of the gains made at Bannockburn into a political reality. The Declaration was the physical manifestation of this.

So, in effect, what Scottish Unionists have done since 1707 is dishonour the Bruce’s legacy, and everything that he fought for. Perhaps, think about that next time you ponder whether or not to vote Yes or No.


Alba gu bràth

This piece is a thank you to the 97% of Scottish Westminster MPs who voted against conducting airstrikes against targets in war-torn Syria.

I salute you. I commend you.

As for the other 3% who voted with the English MPs; hang your heads in shame. You are no better than the nobles who aided and abetted Edward Longshanks and the countless other English kings who sought to subjugate the Scots. You are no better than the men who accepted bribes that led Scotland into political Union with England in 1707 (against the wishes of the majority of its people); a move that made us second class citizens within said Union. You are no better than the men who fought alongside the Hanoverians at Culloden.

You disgust me. You insult the memory of Wallace and the Bruce, and everything they fought for. Have you forgotten the words of the Declaration of Arbroath?  Let me remind you:

For so long as a hundred of us are left alive, 

we will yield in no least way to English dominion.

We fight not for glory, nor for wealth, nor honours:

But only and alone we fight for freedom,

which no good man surrenders but with his life.

You have forsaken your heritage. Scotland has a long and proud history of fighting against oppression. What you have helped unleash upon the poor civilian population of Syria is just that- oppression.

Not to mention that you have sent young Scots off to die. Per capita more Scots than English die in Westminster’s wars. Scottish lives for an English war? I see no sense in that.