When it comes to the topic of racism, people can only fit into one of three categories: racist, non-racist and anti-racist.

Obviously, if you are racist then you hate someone based on their race or ethnicity. Just to be clear, this makes you a shit person. No explanation needed really.

Now what constitutes non-racist, you may ask? Well, non-racists are individuals who don’t harbour any ill will towards a person based on their ethnic or racial extraction, but who take no active role in combating or preventing racism. You might think this isn’t such a bad thing, as you aren’t the one engaged in racist activity. Guess again. If you stand by and allow racism to spread or go unchecked, you are still a shit person. At best, you are the lesser of two evils. But still evil nonetheless.

As for individuals classed as anti-racist, these people take an active role in combating racism, in all its forms. If you aspire to be any oneĀ of these three, be this one. For the love of humanity, be this one. The world will be a better place for it.

Lastly, there is no such thing as ‘reverse-racism’. If you hate anyone based on their race/ethnicity, you are a racist. It doesn’t matter if it is an African hating on a Caucasian, or vice versa, it’s still racism either way. Think about it, if you ‘reverse’ racism, wouldn’t that mean you love someone for their ethnicity/race? Now wouldn’t that be a world worth living in?


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