696 years ago, Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, supported by his nobles and the ‘commons of Scotland’, drafted a document intended to be presented to the Pope in Rome. This document is known as the Declaration of Arbroath.

In effect, what the Declaration constituted was an assertion of Scotland’s independence from England.

Since 1306,  the Bruce had been at the forefront of the Scottish resistance movement. In 1314, he won a great victory at Bannockburn, against a much larger English force, effectively securing Scotland’s freedom.

Following his success at Bannockburn, Scotland’s independence was an undeniable physical reality: the next phase of the struggle was the transmutation of the gains made at Bannockburn into a political reality. The Declaration was the physical manifestation of this.

So, in effect, what Scottish Unionists have done since 1707 is dishonour the Bruce’s legacy, and everything that he fought for. Perhaps, think about that next time you ponder whether or not to vote Yes or No.


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