Still Scared of Muslims?

We are fast approaching the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur killings in Tasmania. Considering the current wave of Islamophobic hysteria sweeping the nation of Australia, a brief appraisal of the Port Arthur Massacre is needed to provide some perspective.

Martin John Bryant (pictured), born and raised in Tasmania, executed 35 people and injured a further 23. His weapons of choice were an SLR and an AR-15. The Lindt café siege pales in comparison, in terms of the human cost.

Currently, this is the third-largest mass-shooting by a lone gunman in history.

Guess what? Bryant wasn’t Muslim.

The United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia, along with their supporters whilst happy to foment social discord around the topic of Islamic extremism, are quick to forget that Australia’s worst terrorist attack- and that is exactly what it was- was perpetrated by a ‘true blue Aussie’.

So let me ask you, are you still scared of Muslims?


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