In Defence of What?

I am struggling to remember a time when social media in Australia wasn’t dominated by posts lambasting Islam. The general theme present is almost always the erosion of ‘Australian culture’. Yet, the authors of such posts are generally unable to actually define what Australian culture is. I even know of one individual- born and raised in Australia- who couldn’t explain what the Australian flag represented, yet was horrified when it was burnt at a Reclaim Australia (RA) rally.

To be blunt, the only authentic form of Australian culture is that of the Indigenous population (which has been present on Australian soil for approximately 50,000 years). I say this because the Indigenous peoples have their own languages, dress, music, customs and religion/mythology; all of which were developed over many millennia. Non-Indigenous Australia has nothing to compare to this. Everything it holds dear has come from somewhere else.

So it is rather ironic when groups like RA screech about protecting the Australian way-of-life. What they don’t seem to realise is that in post-1788 Australia, the only way-of-life here is actually multiculturalism. I am sorry to be the one to break it to them. Furthermore, the Indigenous population had no avenue to recourse when European migration began, so what makes these bogans think they do when it comes to Muslims?

Oh and one last thing; I am sorry, but a Bluey, footy shorts, thongs, a mullet and can of VB is not culture, it is clear evidence of a lack thereof.


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